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PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET Tool

A .NET Zip library that provides the flexibility, security, performance, and support desired for efficiently integrating zip compression and encryption into your development projects. Includes many C# and VB code examples and samples. Here are some features not found in the .NET Framework.

Consulting and Custom Development

From custom protocols to complete client-server solutions, let our experienced staff help with your Zip project. Here are some of the solutions we have delivered.

Flexibility and Ease-of-Use

  • WinZip, PKZIP, and UNIX gZip compatible
  • Three levels of compression/performance control
  • Large file (over 4 GB) support
  • QuickZip and QuickUnzip short-cut methods
  • Unicode filename support for international character sets
  • 64-bit OS support
  • Integrates with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010

High Performance

  • High-performance compression engine
  • Optimized "on the fly" streaming compression and inflation, without buffering to disk or memory
  • Add files without re-compressing the entire archive
  • Multi-threaded asynchronous functionality
  • Fully developed in managed C#

Comprehensive Security

  • WinZip compatible security
  • Standard zip encryption support
  • AES encryption - 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit options
  • "On the fly" encryption and decryption

Highlighted Features

  • Wildcard support for batch operations
  • Recursive directory tree support
  • Stream support as compression/inflation data sources or destinations
  • Span to multiple disks and split to multiple files on the same disk
  • Self-extracting executables
  • Integrates with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012
  • NET Framework 4 Client Profile compatible
  • Many sample projects for both C# and VB.NET, as well as ASP.NET included