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Why Choose Dart?

You have lots of options when it comes to buying component software. But once you find the products that satisfy your techical requirements, how do select the best vendor? Here are some criteria to consider:

Customer Base
A company that succeeds in growing it's customer base year after year, is by definition, proven. Dart has accumulated 13,000+ customers over 16+ years of operations. Our base continues to license our products, providing Dart with financial stability as our economy flows through challenging business cycles. Our customers sustain us so we will be here for them in the future.

Continual Product Improvement
In 1994 Dart licensed C++ class libraries, DLL's, and VBX's. Over time those products were extended to 16 and 32 bit OCX's, then light-weight ATL ActiveX Controls, and then came .NET Components and Controls. We are currently updating our .NET products to version 4.x because we believe this new design will result in a better customer experience. Dart sweats the details so you don't have to.

Customer Interaction
When you call in, we know we have only one chance to make a good impression. So when you call we answer! Our sales department is generally your first point of contact; they can answer technical questions as well as provide sales information. When you call Dart with pre-sale questions you can also talk to a technical support representative if you want to. Just try us: call 315-790-5456 and press 5 for sales.

Do the Products Just Work?
This is where the tires meet the road. When you download trial software does it just work? When it does the vendor is proving to you that their QA staff is effective. This is the kind of company you want to do business with.

Longevity and Experience
When an application depends on third party expertise, experience matters. The right component will be useful for many years to come, and you want the company that supports it to be there for you as well. Dart’s solid success in component building has attracted new customers since 1994. With our reliable and experienced staff, we can be a valuable addition to your team now and in the future. 

Dependable, Flexible, Components
Dart's products are designed to be flexible, and useful in performing a simple task or scaling for a specialized complicated project. Our experience with building to meet the needs of a diverse customer base results in quality products that just work.

Support Availability
Dart's support staff is dedicated to delivering quick, helpful responses to any product questions you may have. Most of our technical staff has been with Dart for years, with a deep knowledge of our products and their capabilities. All are full time staff, located at our corporate offices in Utica, NY.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our number one priority is that you are happy with the product and support you’ve purchased from Dart. We even offer a fully functional trial so you can see the quality of our products before you buy. And if you need pre-sales support, be sure to call and let us know.

Detailed Documentation
Feedback through the years has indicated that documentation is an important part of your successful experience with a component. We have honed our process, and take great care to create comprehensive, detailed help for the beginner and experienced alike. On-line documentation can be viewed from any product page. PowerSNMP for .NET on-line help is representative of our high quality standards.

Sample Projects
Samples projects (or demos) are not just small code snippets but applications that demonstrate how our products can be used in real-world scenarios. Many of our customers actually build on top of our sample projects for their own solutions. Documentation also uses selected code snippets to help describe a specific function or property. The PowerSNMP for .NET samples is a representative set of samples that demonstrate how each product is typically used.

Clear Product Definition and Pricing
Each product is clearly defined on our website, listing included protocols and samples, ways to use the product, pricing for individual preferences, FAQs, updates, and more. 4-pack and 8-pack pricing is available, providing significant savings for development teams.

Comprehensive, Flexible Pricing
Products can be licensed without support (Developer License), with basic support (Developer Subscription License), with the right to derive new works (ISV License) or anything in between. Dart has a license for every customer need.

Custom Development
If you need a resource to help you bridge the gap between our components and a completed application, we can help you. As a consultant or a corporate developer, you may need additional expertise, or just a helping hand at getting your project completed on time. Dart’s unique experience can help you build customized projects, or trouble shoot existing code to create a working solution.