Add SNMP Manager and Agent capabilities to your handheld smart device.

PowerSNMP for .NET CF MIB Handling

  • Standard and custom MIB file parser
  • Intrinsic support for standard SNMPv2 SMI MIBs
  • Design-time Intellisense for standard MIB objects and tables
  • MIB compilation into code files that can be added to C# or VB.NET projects
  • Code files provide design-time Intellisense for added MIB files
  • Dynamically load MIB files at runtime, or parse MIB files into code files prior to runtime
  • Automatic Tree generation of parsed MIBs for easy viewing
  • Full support for SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3 and ASN.1 standards
  • Many sample projects for both C# and VB.NET