Create custom SNMP Manager, Trap and Agent applications for monitoring and controlling network devices.
  • 2 primary ActiveX controls with numerous supporting classes
  • 5 sample projects demonstrating usage
  • Full MS Help 2 Documentation
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Control/Class Description
Agent ActiveX Control Supports processing and responding to manager's requests and sending traps
Manager ActiveX Control Queries SNMP Agents, receives traps, sends informs to other managers
AuthoritativeEngine Processes packets received by the authoritative engine
Engine Caches authoritative engine parameters for remote authoritative engines
EngineMap Holds Engine objects indexed by IPEndPoint
IPEndPoint Holds name, address and port parameters used to specify IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Performs DNS name resolution.
IPEndPointList Holds a list of IPEndPoint objects
Mib Supports loading of external MIB files to cross reference OIDs with variable IDs
MibNode Defines an OID that was created when a MIB file was loaded and parsed
MibNodeMap Holds MibNode objects indexed by name and OID
MibTrap Defines a trap that was created when a MIB file was loaded and parsed
MibTrapMap Holds MibTrap objects indexed by name
Security Holds parameters needed to encode/decode version 3 packets
SnmpMessage Defines a message that can be encoded and sent to another SNMP entity (also shows decoded messages)
StringList Holds a list of unicode Strings
System Provides local system information like local IPEndPoints
User Holds username, passwords, authentication and privacy algorithms used
UserList Holds User objects indexed by integer
UserMap Holds User objects indexed by name
Variable Describes a variable ID string and value
VariableList Holds Variable objects indexed by integer