Create custom SNMP Manager, Trap and Agent applications for monitoring and controlling network devices.

PowerSNMP for ActiveX Agent Control

Use the Agent ActiveX control to easily build SNMP agents. Provides an easy-to-use interface that handles the details of processing and responding to SNMP managers' requests. Sends traps.

  • Start method turns on agent asynchronous processing
    • Request event is raised when a request message arrives and includes a default response message
    • Log event is raised for logging all incoming/outgoing messages
    • Error event is raised to report errors
    • Binds to any IP address (version 4 or 6, IP_ANY and LOOPBACK)
  • Independently encodes and sends trap and notification messages to managers (local IPEndPoint can be specified)
  • Automatically generates default response messages from the local MIB object that can be sent as-is or modified by your application
  • Automatic, on-the-fly message encoding and decoding
  • Implements a v3 authoritative engine object that responds with v3 report messages
  • Handles all v1, v2 and v3 Get, GetNext, GetBulk and Set requests and error reporting
  • Console and web applications without a message loop are fully supported using MTA (Multi-Threaded Apartment Model) option
  • Windows forms applications with a message loop are fully supported using asynchronous STA (Single-Threaded Apartment Model) option
  • Build a message by setting properties, adding variables (OIDs) using simple Variable objects, and sending the message. It doesn't get any easier!