Upload and download files to/from an FTP server with the FTP ASP.NET Client.

This sample demonstrates how a full-featured, web-based FTP client can be created in ASP.NET using the FTP .NET Component (included with PowerTCP FTP for .NET). This sample blends the power of the .NET Framework with the power of PowerTCP FTP for .NET to create a fully-featured FTP client. Features include: Ability to upload files to your FTP server, ability to download files from your FTP server, directory browsing, directory creating, and file renaming. Since PowerTCP FTP for .NET is stream based, files can be uploaded and downloaded completely in memory...no need for temporary files.

Launch the ASP .NET FTP Client Sample Now.

This sample could be easily modified to fill a variety of needs. Give your clients web-based FTP access which you can completely control. Upload databases from an internal server to an external server.

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