BCB Samples

This page contains a list of all Borland C++ Builder samples included with a PowerTCP product line installation. Find the application you are interested in from the list below, then click the product link next to the application to download a 30-day trial which includes the source code to the application.


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Sample Name Sample Description Product
VT Emulation Applications
VT Emulator A fully functional VT320 Emulator can be enhanced and deployed ROYALTY-FREE! Emulation for ActiveX
FTP Applications
ListView Client Demonstrates a fully-functional FTP Client application. Now includes proxy support. FTP for ActiveX
Telnet Applications
AutoLogin Demo Demonstrates how to use PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX to create a scripted Telnet session. Telnet for ActiveX
Telnet Client Interactive application illustrates the use of Telnet, rexec, rsh, and rlogin. Telnet for ActiveX
HTTP Client Applications
Page Fetch Demonstrates a simple HTTP application that fetches a web page. Web Enterprise for ActiveX
Web for ActiveX
Post Demo Demonstrates how to post information to a web site. Useful for automated form submission. Web Enterprise for ActiveX
Web for ActiveX
Network Applications/Network Utilities
RAS Client Uses the RAS Control to demonstrate dial-up operation. Winsock for ActiveX
TCP Blaster Uses the Daemon and TCP Controls to demonstrate high-throughput operation. Winsock for ActiveX
TCP Client Uses the TCP Control to build an interactive on-line application for time, character builder, smtp, echo, etc. Winsock for ActiveX
UDP Client Uses the UDP Control in an interactive "chat" application. Winsock for ActiveX
Compression Applications
File Search Allows user to search for files using wildcards, if files are found they are given the option to zip them. Zip Compression for ActiveX
Unzipper Opens a Zip file and allows the user to extract it. Zip Compression for ActiveX