ASP .NET Samples

These ASP.NET samples demonstrate server-side use of PowerTCP .NET components. If you would like to see the source code, download the product and the source code for the ASP.NET sample will be included with the installation.


100% Managed Code Samples (using .NET Components)

Sample Name Sample Description Product
POP Mail Client This sample is a feature-rich web-based email client which demonstrates the power that can be achieved by using PowerTCP Mail for .NET within ASP.NET. Mail for .NET
IMAP Mail Client This sample demonstrates a powerful web-based IMAP mail client which is used to manage email on a remote server using IMAP. Mail for .NET
SMTP Mail Client Allows construction of a simple MIME message (including an attachment) created by data specified in an HTML form. Mail for .NET
FTP Client Demonstrates a feature-rich web-based FTP client. This sample demonstrates uploading files, downloading files, and directory browsing. FTP for .NET
WebArchive Gathers resources from a website and compresses them using PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET. Zip Compression for .NET
Network Utilities Sample Demonstrates using DNS, WHOIS, FINGER, Ping, TraceRoute, and email verification in ASP.NET. Sockets for .NET
Telnet Autologin Demo Demonstrates using the Telnet component included with PowerTCP Telnet for .NET to login to a telnet server and execute a command from a website. Telnet for .NET
VT Scrape Demo Demonstrates using the Vt component to convert VT formatted data to an HTML equivalent. Emulation for .NET

Interop Code Samples (using ActiveX Components)

Sample Name Sample Description Product
Zip Demo The WebASP Control gets any file on the Internet. The Zip Control zips this file and returns the zipped file to the browser. Web Enterprise for ActiveX
Zip Compression for ActiveX
POP Mail Client
(source code download)
Mail for ActiveX gets messages from any POP mailbox and sends messages. Mail for ActiveX
Web Site Scraping Web Enterprise for ActiveX downloads the web page you specify, and displays the header and body in edit boxes. Web Enterprise for ActiveX
FTP Demo FTP for ActiveX gets a file listing, and will download a file and show it in a text window. FTP for ActiveX
SMTP Mail Demo
(source code download)
Mail for ActiveX e-mails the message you type into an edit box. Mail for ActiveX
Autologin Demo Telnet for ActiveX is used to automatically log in to a Telnet server based on given values for the server's address and various prompts and responses. Telnet for ActiveX
DNS Demo Winsock for ActiveX resolves the e-mail address, host name, or dot address you enter. Winsock for ActiveX