Frequently Asked Sales Questions

Here is a list of Dart's most Frequently Asked Sales Questions.
Please feel free to contact or call 315.790.5456 with any additional questions you have.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: Acceptable forms of payment include credit card (American Express™, Visa™, Master Card™, Discover™, and Diner's Club™), PayPal™, bank wire transfer, electronic funds transfer, and check. Please note all payments must be made in US funds and all checks must be drawn from a US bank.
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Q: Do you accept purchase orders?
A: Yes, we do accept purchase orders; however there are some restrictions. If you would like to make a purchase via purchase order, please contact for additional information.
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Q: What are your business hours?
A: Dart's hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (EST) excluding holidays. Orders and support requests submitted outside of normal business hours will be reviewed on the following business day.
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Q: Where can I find Dart's Federal Tax ID Number?
A: 16-1476277 is Dart's Federal Tax Identification Number.
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Q: How quickly will I receive my product once it has been purchased?
A: On-Line Orders: Orders placed on-line are processed immediately and customers can expect to receive their Product License(s), via email, within a few minutes of the order confirmation.
Off-Line Orders: Orders placed during business hours via phone, email or facsimile must be received prior to 4:00 pm (EST) for same day processing. Orders received after 4:00 pm (EST) may not be processed until the following business day.
Shipping Options: Products are delivered electronically unless shipment of a disc is requested. Customers may contact to request a copy of their product. ** Additional shipping and handling fees apply
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Q: Is it possible to purchase Dart software from a reseller?
A: Yes, Dart understands the value of resellers and therefore works closely with many. Please review our reseller page for a listing of active resellers and their contact information. See Resellers List >
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Q: Does Dart offer any discount to resellers?
A: Dart offers discounts only to resellers actively participating in the reseller program. If you are interested in participating in the reseller program or finding out more, please contact
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Q: What are my support options after I have made a purchase?
A: Although some support plans may classify support issues on a First In / First Out basis, we recognize and appreciate every situation is unique and critical to our customers success. Dart offers its customers flexible support options to ensure the best fit for their individual needs. Information on available support options can be reviewed here: Support Options >
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Q: I have downloaded the trial and have some questions. How can I contact your support staff?
A: Please email with any questions you may have regarding your product evaluation. You may also contact Dart's technical support staff by calling 315.339.8040 or by submitting a Support Request here: Submit Support Request >.
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Q: How can I find out more about Dart's licensing options?
A: You can find descriptions as well as links to Dart's license agreements by reviewing Dart Licensing Options. These license agreements can also be found by accessing the License link found on the right hand side of each product page.
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Q: Is it possible to renew my subscription before the expiration date?
A: Yes, you are able to renew your subscription at any time prior to expiration. The new subscription term will start the next day following the expiration of your original subscription.
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Q: Can several developers share a Dart Suite as long as they are each using a different product?
A: No, Dart's product Suites offer a discounted rate specifically for an individual user. Any additional developer requiring the use of a Dart product will need to purchase a separate license.
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Q: My subscription has expired. Can I still use the product(s) I have already purchased?
A: Each product license is perpetual. You may continue to develop with your product regardless of the current subscription status. A subscription covers support and maintenance and does not limit the continued use of a purchased product.
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Q: Can I return a product after it has been purchased?
A: We are unable to allow any returns or exchanges once a product has been purchased. Dart provides a downloadable and fully functional trial for each product. Developers are encouraged to download and fully test the software prior to purchase to ensure it performs as expected.
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Q: I have lost my product license and download instructions. How can I retrieve this information?
A: Please send an email requesting product license and download information to When sending your request please include your company name (current and previous if applicable), name of the product, email address of original purchaser, and purchase date. Please note we will do our best to locate your license information, however there may be some cases in which locating this information is not possible.
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Q: I would like to use/purchase a previous version of the product. Is this possible?
A: Yes, as long as the requested version is available it is possible to use/purchase previous version. Please contact making sure to include your product license number and requested version number. Please be advised that we do not support previous versions of the software.
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Q: I have installed my purchased software but when I compile/deploy my application I receive a license error. How can this be resolved?
A: In most cases a licensing error message will include detailed instructions on how to resolve the error. If steps to resolve the license issue are included in your message, please read the complete message and carefully follow the instructions provided.

Customers using .NET controls with a version of 3.x or earlier will need to make sure the trial dlls are not being referenced and remove all references specifying the control as a trial in the licenses.licx file (remove any '.trial'). Once these references have been removed you will need to rebuild the project, not the solution, which should resolve your licensing issue.

Customers using .NET controls with a version of 4.0 or 4.1 will need to make sure the application has been run at least once on a licensed machine prior to deployment. This must be done for every build or rebuild of a project.

If you are still receiving a licensing error please email Include your product license number along with the error message you've received.
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Q: How can I report issues/bugs in the software?
A: Check your product version against the most current by visiting the Trial Downloads Page. If you are using a previous version of the software please download and test the most recent trial to see whether or not your issue has been resolved. If it has, you will be required to upgrade to the most recent version. You may visit the Customer Center or contact to review your subscription status and see whether or not you are eligible for a free upgrade. (An active subscription is required to receive a free software upgrade.)

If testing the most recent version does not resolve your issue, you may Submit a Support Request.
Important: When submitting a support request include as many details as possible. Specific information about your issue will significantly reduce the response time of our technical staff.
Although it does not restrict a customer's ability to report software issues, an active subscription is required to receive technical assistance. Responses and/or provided assistance will be limited if an active subscription is not present.
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Q: Can I purchase source code for my Dart product?
A: Dart offers two purchase options for product source code. The appropriate option for you will be determined by your intended use of the source code. You may review our license options by reviewing Dart Licensing Options. Please feel free to contact for additional information.
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Q: I have run out of time using the trial. What are my options?
A: If you are using the trial for PowerTCP or PowerSNMP for ActiveX, you may renew the trial period for an additional 30 days by uninstalling the current trial and re-installing a new one.

If you are using the trial for PowerTCP for .NET, PowerSNMP for .NET, or PowerWEB for ASP.NET, you may recompile and redeploy your test project. This will provide you with an additional 7 days of run-time.
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Q: I would like to export an application that includes your product outside of the United States. Do you have an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)?
A: ECCN registration is required for all products containing encryption capabilities. Our encryption based products have been granted a “B3”, “Unrestricted Export” classification. Our non-encryption products fall under the blanket classification of EAR99. You can review individual product ECCN information by visiting:
Export Compliance.
Please note: You are still bound by section 7, Export Restrictions, of the End User License Agreement when exporting software. Please review this section in detail here: End User License Agreement.
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Q: Do you have multiple license purchase options?
A: Discounts are applied to multiple license purchases for most of our products. Through the online order process you will see 4 pack and 8 pack options along with the savings for each pack selection. Although it is not available online, we do offer site licenses. Please contact for additional information regarding our site licenses.
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Q: Does Dart offer discounts to tax-exempt organizations? (example: government, not for profit, etc.)
A: We do not currently offer additional discounts for tax-exempt organizations.
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Q: Can I purchase a subscription renewal?
A: Any customer who has previously purchased a subscription may purchase a renewal. Pricing for the renewal may vary and will depend on the expiration date of the most recent subscription. Please contact for a price quote.
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Q: I am receiving an Invalid Serial Number message when I try to register my Dart product. What should I do?
A: First, make sure the product name on the installer matches the name of the product you are attempting to register.

Second, check to make sure you are entering the product license number exactly as it appears in the product delivery email.
If you still receive the Invalid Serial Number message, please contact for assistance.
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Q: How can I tell whether or not I qualify for a free upgrade?
A: You are required to have an active subscription to receive an update or upgrade (for that product) free of charge. Please log into the Customer Center to view your current subscription status. Clicking on a particular product license while logged into the Customer Center will provide details about that product including current subscription status.
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Q: Am I required to upgrade my product when a new version is released?
A: No, you are not required to upgrade your product when a new version is released. However, it is important to note that prior versions on our software are generally not supported under a subscription. Dart does offer custom support if support for a previous version of the software is required. Please contact for a quote.
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