Easily add Zip capability to your .NET Windows or ASP.NET application without sacrificing power and flexibility.

Some uses of PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET include:

  • You need to instantly and easily add zip/unzip functionality to your application.
  • An application that requires flexible options and exacting control over zip and unzip operations.
  • Web applications that let users specify multiple files for download and return them in one compressed file.
  • Any application that needs to backup or store data.
  • Web applications that need to open posted compressed files and extract their data.
  • An application that needs to programmatically manage zip files as a collection of items.
  • A web application that needs to access data in a back-end database, compress it, and return it to the client.
  • An application that needs to manage both compressed and uncompressed data.
  • Need an application to create self-extracting compressed files that require no 3rd party zip application.