Add secure Telnet, rsh, rexec and rlogin connectivity to any .NET application or service.

Use PowerTCP Telnet for .NET to do these tasks and more:

  • An automated Windows Service that executes Telnet commands
  • Custom Windows .NET front-end applications for Telnet sessions - your users will never have to learn UNIX shell commands
  • Using the Rexec or Rsh components, run any UNIX command or script and display the result in any format
  • From an ASP.NET back end or a Web Service, run SQL commands on a UNIX server, and display the results within the browser
  • Control or query network devices such as switches, routers, terminal servers, hosts
  • With only a few lines of code you can upload data to a UNIX host, process it, and bring back the results
  • Create a proxy by redirecting Telnet or Rlogin communications between the network and any local device (COM port, etc)
  • Do any of these jobs securely, if the remote host supports SSL