Add secure SSH session andĀ file transfer capabilities to any .NET application.

Some uses of PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET include:

  • Create secure interactive clients for executing remote commands on shell accounts.
  • Replace insecure Telnet communication with SSH sessions.
  • Create automated Windows Services that remotely monitor server activity.
  • Tunnel non-secure TCP connections through firewalls.
  • Routinely backup files over encrypted channels.
  • Automate processes to transfer files while preserving their attributes.
  • Add the ability to securely transfer files or streams to any application.
  • Create a transfer manager application without the data connection hassles of FTP over SSL.
  • Automate file transfers to and from any SFTP server using Windows scheduler.
  • Create proxies that redirect SSH communications between the network and local devices (COM ports, etc).
  • Automate file transfers of dynamic images to a web site.
  • Check file timestamps on any SFTP Server.
  • Upload data files to UNIX servers, execute tasks to crunch the data, download and parse the results into a SQL database.