Enhances .NET with classes for DNS, servers and connection management.  Includes TLS/SSL security!

Some uses of PowerTCP Sockets for .NET include:

  • Build a Web Service with a TCP back-end
  • Build B2B and e-commerce applications.
  • Build stock trading Web Services or applications.
  • Build a personal stock quote application.
  • Create a multi-threaded server.
  • Write a custom client/server protocol.
  • Create a customized Web Server.
  • Enable inter-process socket communications (between local and/or remote applications).
  • Build a custom lpd print server.
  • Check status of company network devices using Ping.
  • Check for software licensing by broadcasting UDP packets.
  • Use multicast capabilities to create a chat program.
  • Discover network routes and problems using Ping to trace.