Send, receive, edit, sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt email messages in any .NET application or service. 

Some uses of PowerTCP Mail for .NET include:

  • Build a secure web-based mail server management system.
  • Create an application that manipulates messages on the mail server.
  • Create an application that remotely scans messages for spam before they are accessed by a mail client.
  • Send email from any .NET Framework Windows or Web application.
  • Turn any stream-based data into an Email message.
  • Create HTML messages.
  • Create email messages for multiple languages.
  • Manage email addresses.
  • Decode/encode data for Base64, Quoted Printable, UUEncode, and decode Yencode.
  • Encoding and decode of HTTP POST commands, or any other MIME-formatted data structure.
  • Develop special-purpose, secure Mail Client applications.
  • Write Help Desk applications.
  • Build secure ASP.NET (web-based) Mail Applications.
  • Incorporate Email Notification into applications
  • Develop Mail processing or routing applications.
  • Write Bulk mailer applications.
  • Filter and forward mail received at specific e-mail addresses.
  • Create a unified messaging application for your company.
  • Manipulate S/MIME messages and attachments, including decoding and encoding.
  • Perform any of these tasks securely.