Easily add comprehensive, secure FTP to any .NET application or service.

Some uses of PowerTCP FTP for .NET include:

  • Create an automated process to transfer files.
  • Create a Web Service to handle software updates.
  • Create an FTP web client to copy files to/from a server using ASP.NET.
  • Create an FTP client with such features as full multithreading, enhanced file transfer progress notification, stream manipulation (eliminating the need to write to a temp file), full MGet and MPut support, and notification when the Ftp component is busy.
  • Create an FTP client that can work with proxy servers.
  • Add the ability to transfer files or streams to any application.
  • Create a "master-control" Windows application to use as an interface for an ASP.NET Web application.
  • Create a download transfer manager as demonstrated by the sample. Based on the Microsoft MSDN Transfer Manager.
  • Automate uploads/downloads to/from any FTP server using Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Build a turn-key application for upload/download of enterprise data, integrating graphic display of downloaded files.
  • Use with ASP to transfer files to/from the FTP Server.
  • Automate the generation and transfer of reports to corporate decision-makers.
  • Build a proxy that downloads Internet files for users on a local network.
  • Upload data files to a UNIX server, execute a task to crunch the data, download and parse the result into an SQL database.
  • Automate data file downloads for updating stock market charts.
  • Automate file transfers of dynamic images to web site.
  • Check file timestamps on any FTP Server.
  • Superior replacement for IND$FILE on OS/390 systems (preserves PDS structure).
  • Plus, perform any of these tasks securely.