For Immediate Release
PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET allows Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET developers to include scalable email address validation to their applications.

Rome, N.Y. - March 26, 2007 -

Dart Communications, a provider of Internet Application Development Components since 1994, is pleased to announce a new addition to the PowerTCP product line. This product for .NET allows developers to enhance both desktop and web applications with customizable email address validation.

PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET is ideal for any application where the integrity of email address data is required. Email distribution list maintenance, web form address collection, increasing sales lead quality, and testing internal mail server performance are but a few applications for this tool.

Developed as a .NET component, PowerTCP Email Validation can be quickly and easily integrated into applications by both novice and expert developers alike.  With an efficient, yet comprehensive interface, developers can configure the component to validate addresses on seven strictness levels from simple syntax checking to SMTPRecipient.  Developers are also able to include dynamic blacklists and whitelists to reduce bandwidth and increase processing speed during bulk validation.

“Email address validation is a vital part of any business dealing with contact databases.  People switch jobs and ISPs, or simply change addresses to avoid spam.  All of this leads to companies wasting bandwidth and time by sending messages to dead ends.  Email Validation for .NET allows developers to reduce operating costs by increasing data integrity and reducing waste.  Using this tool, existing address databases can be cleaned up, and applications can prevent bad data from being recorded to begin with.” said Ken Drake, Dart's PowerTCP product manager.

PowerTCP Email Validation supports development on .NET Framework versions 1.x, 2.0 and 3.0 with all versions of Visual Studio .NET.
PowerTCP Email Validation for .NET is available now. Additional information can be found on this product at

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