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Dart Communications announces PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET
PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET enables Microsoft ASP.NET developers to build web applications that can be updated from the server without a browser refresh.

Rome, N.Y.- December 22, 2004-

Dart Communications, a provider of Internet Application Development Components and Solutions for the past 10 years, is pleased to announce the release of PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET. This product is a suite of 20 ASP.NET controls that enable software developers to build web applications that do not require a browser refresh. Just like the Microsoft intrinsic controls, LiveControls trigger events in code-behind, but do not require the client browser to be refreshed when data is sent back to the browser. The LiveControls technology helps you create richer and cleaner web applications by eliminating the flicker and delays associated with a browser refresh, providing a smoother Windows-like behavior for the application. There is no requirement for complex JavaScript or outside plug-in technologies such as Java applets or Flash.

Some of the key features of PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET include a LiveTimer control that allows server-side code to be executed by polling the server at a specified interval and raising an event, extended Windows-like events for mouse, key, and click, and the ability to manipulate Microsoft and some 3rd party controls in a callback for maximum flexibility. Web applications that can benefit from this technology include inventory control systems that require live data to always be displayed, financial applications that require updated price and news information, sports-related web pages that must be updated in seconds rather than minutes, and polling applications that show live statistics rather than just a snapshot of a point in time.

"The PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is designed to bridge one of the major gaps between Windows and Web applications," said Alex Gladshtein, the Director of the Product Group at Dart. "This innovative product brings the user experience that much closer to what is expected in a modern application; the key for developers is that no extra knowledge is required beyond standard ASP.NET programming."

PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is designed to take advantage of the key features that make ASP.NET and Visual Studio such powerful rapid application development tools. Just drag and drop any LiveControl onto a WebForm and add code-behind, just like a standard ASP.NET control, to enable callbacks from any ASP.NET application. Microsoft Help 2.0 integration with comprehensive F1 support is included to get developers up-and-running in the shortest possible time, plus dozens of tutorials and samples. Extensive browser compatibility and down-level browser support is included.

PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET is now available. Additional information can be found on this product at Dart Communications' Website

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