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Sockets components enhance Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET with Security and Ease-of-Use

Rome, N.Y.- October 11, 2002 -

Dart Communications, a leading provider of Internet Development Components and Services, announced today the release of PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET. This new addition to Dart’s PowerTCP product line enhances Microsoft’s .NET Framework with native classes that add SSL-based security with feature packed TCP, Server, UDP, DNS, Ping, and Trace components.

PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET enhances socket communications in the .NET Framework by providing stream-oriented SSL encryption and authentication that can be plugged into any stream-based .NET technology, regardless of whether its network, file, or buffer-based. In order to make .NET security easier to use, a simple streaming object is included, making encryption possible with only a few lines of code, even powerful encryption schemes such as AES. Certificate management support is provided through direct access to the Microsoft Certificate Stores. Along with security is an easy-to-use TCP component that provides asynchronous event notification, processing of user-interface events during blocking operations, and the ability to conduct on-the-fly data parsing. The Server component is fully multi-threaded, allowing for every incoming connection to receive a separate thread. The UDP component enables the easy construction of UDP-based applications with asynchronous event handling and socket options available through specialized properties. The DNS component is designed to not only resolve domain addresses, but handle MX-record look-up and the ability to specify a user-defined DNS server. The Ping component not only sends echoes using ICMP, but also provides the option of UDP and TCP based connection testing, circumventing well-known ICMP limitations. Finally, the Trace component allows for asynchronous Trace Route capability, returning comprehensive packet hop information in seconds.

“Dart’s PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET addresses one of the crucial requirements for software developers creating Internet applications, and that is the ability to secure information traveling across networks while authenticating who is sending and receiving the data.” said Alex Gladshtein, Director of Product Development at Dart. “Our goal was to create an abstract SSL encryption and authentication technology that is flexible enough to secure any piece of information, regardless of the origin, plus provide a way for users to go beyond SSL when necessary and use other security mechanisms. Along with security we also used this opportunity to substantially enhance some basic .NET socket-level technology to make Internet application development more efficient and effective. “

All PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET components are designed with a multi-threaded architecture for optimum performance and include a design-time testing environment to maximize the RAD capabilities of Visual Studio .NET.

PowerTCP SSL Sockets for .NET is available immediately. Additional information about this product, and a 30-day trial download, can be found at Dart Communications’ website

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