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Dart Communications Annouces PowerTCP Server Tool Version 3.0
The addition of a DNS Server Control makes this Tool one of a kind

Rome, N.Y.- Aug 20,2001-

Dart Communications, the market leader of Internet Application Development Components, is pleased to announce the release of the PowerTCP Server Tool 3.0. To uphold their commitment of creating flexibility for software developers, Dart has added functionality to the PowerTCP Server Tool that makes it truly one of a kind! This tool now provides programmers with even greater capabilities to create custom server applications.

This latest version of the PowerTCP Server Tool includes a unique DNS Server Control that allows you to easily manage a server burden by building a load balancing system. This system redirects traffic from one server to another by returning the server IP address to the client that submitted a DNS resolution request. Additionally, the PowerTCP Server Tool now ships with a DNS Client Control. This used in conjunction with the DNS Server Control allows DNS requests to be redirected to another DNS Server.

Another benefit of this new version is the ability it provides you to create a proxy for filtering and tracking requests. With the PowerTCP Server Tool you have the ability to monitor the websites users have visited, track the number of visits, and even control access to specific websites.

Creating a Web page using flash? In this new version of the PowerTCP Server Tool, Dart provides you with a demonstration of how to transfer data dynamically by creating a Flash Server to send data to a Flash Client in real time. The Server Tool 3.0 also includes a DNS Proxy sample and a Proxy Server sample to help you see its capabilities.

Dart’s Product Manager, Alex Gladshtein states, “Our goal at Dart has always been to give programmers the ultimate tools for rapid application development. Version 3.0 of the PowerTCP Server Tool is a major step in helping programmers create custom server applications.”

These additions and this new functionality make the one of a kind PowerTCP Server Tool the perfect tool to manage your company’s server application needs! Version 3.0 is available now and lists for $499. Additional information about this product and a 30-day trial can be found at Dart Communications’ website.

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