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Dart Communications Announces PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool
Now you can parse HTML and collect and manage resouces, all independent of WinInet!

Rome, N.Y.- May 14,2001- Dart Communications, the market leader of Internet Application Development Tools, is pleased to announce the newest edition to its PowerTCP product line, the PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool. This new tool allows for the comprehensive manipulation of HTTP-based communications with Web servers from either a client or another Web server with absolute server-safety using HTTP and HTTPS. It is the perfect tool for automated web searches requiring HTML parsing and secure file transfers.

The PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool includes the powerful WebPage Object for HTML parsing, searching, and document retrieval enabling applications that can reproduce a web page or even a complete web site locally. Additionally, it features two HTTP/S controls, one control based on WinInet for simple client-side solutions and one WinInet-free control designed for serve-side functionality or more fine-grained control.

Other applications of the PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool include converting HTML into plain text; navigating HTML tables; automating search requests; creating web site testing tools; checking web server availability and performance; automating submission of web forms from a client application or ASP page; extracting web page content, parsing information, and inserting into an application or database; posting files to any web server using the “Post” or “Put” method; retrieving files from any web server using the “Get” method; sending proprietary commands to a web server with the “Command” method; pulling down web documents on a schedule; generating a web tree; scripting dynamic URL queries when your ASP page is accessed, and retrieving real-time stock and futures trading information.

The PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool is available now and lists for $499. Additional information about this product can be found at Dart Communications’ website.

Dart specializes in Internet protocol and formatting standards, providing expertise to customers with PowerTCP Internet Application Development Tools, consulting services and support. Contact Dart Communications: 1109 Floyd Ave, Rome, N.Y. 13440; Tel: 315-339-8040; Fax: 315-339-8041.