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Dart Releases PowerTCP™ Secure Tool

Suite of Internet Application Development Tools gets Authentication and Encryption!

Syracuse, N.Y. - November 9, 1999 - Dart Communications, the leading provider of Internet Components for developers, has added a new Secure Tool to its family of PowerTCP Tools released earlier this year. By integrating Microsoft's CryptoAPI, Security Support Provider Interface and Winsock API, the Secure Tool uses SSL 2, SSL 3, PCT and TLS security protocols to automatically authenticate, encrypt and decrypt data communications over TCP. Developers can now easily protect sensitive data sent over the Internet with minimal programming and no royalty payments of any kind.

Visual Basic sample projects are included that provide a multi-threaded Secure Web Server, a Digital Certificate Manager, and a Secure Web Client. Solution Support is available for customers who need immediate application development support in Visual Basic and other environments.

PowerTCP Tools allow software developers to develop Internet applications in a fraction of the time it would take to construct networking code from scratch. ActiveX (ATL) controls for FTP, TCP, Secure TCP, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, RAS, Ping, DNS, Telnet/rsh/rexec/rlogin, SNMP (Manager and Agent), VT320, UDP, Servers and HTTP/S eliminate the need for researching, developing and testing at the socket level. Included samples for Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, C++Builder™, Delphi™, and PowerBuilder® allow developers to write high performance Internet apps right out of the box.

“The Secure Tool is the first developer tool that gives Corporate IT a practical, low-cost way to secure Internet communications for custom applications,” says Michael Baldwin, President of Dart Communications. “Microsoft's new OS-level encryption, combined with Dart's easy-to-use SecureTcp component, gives the average developer an encryption capability that has never been available before.”

“Dart’s unique Secure Tool adds value to Windows NT and Windows 2000 by providing turn-key security for corporate data that passes over the Internet,” says Dee Dee Walsh, Strategic Business Development Manager for Microsoft. “By integrating communications with security, Dart provides our customers with a cost-effective software solution for sending sensitive corporate data over public and private networks.”

The PowerTCP Secure Tool is priced at US $999, and is available for free trial downloads at