Send, receive, edit, sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt email messages in any .NET application or service. 

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PowerTCP Mail for .NET extends and enhances the .NET Framework

Feature  .NET Framework PowerTCP 
Simple SMTP, MailMessage MIME encoding (sending email) /styles/images/icons/check.gif /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Directly control email encoding and sending /styles/images/icons/check.gif /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Supports explicitly secure (STARTTLS) SMTP connections /styles/images/icons/check.gif /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Complex SMTP, MailMessage MIME encoding - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Supports implicitly secure SMTP connections (port 465) - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Submit email to email relays, intermediate servers, or destination domain server - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
POP3, IMAP4 and MIME decoding (receiving email) - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
S/MIME encoding and decoding (privacy and authentication) - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Provides progress for sending and receiving email - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
"On-the-fly" streaming performs fast encoding and decoding on demand, with no intermediate files - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
MailMessage class supports authoring, editing, and manipulation of complex MIME entity structures - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
MailEditor control visually displays any MailMessage for interactive viewing. - /styles/images/icons/check.gif


"PowerTCP Mail for .NET version 4 is our 5th-generation e-mail product, and is a complete solution for any e-mail system. I don't think you'll find a better email-processing product anywhere."

-- Michael Baldwin, President