Access your email on the web with the POP ASP.NET Mail Client.

This sample demonstrates how a full-featured, web-based mail client can be created in ASP.NET using the Pop .NET Component (included with PowerTCP Mail for .NET). This sample demonstrates how easy it is to integrate the POP3 and SMTP protocols into your ASP.NET script to create a fully funtional web-based email client just like "Hotmail" or "Yahoo Mail". Functionality included in this sample includes sending and receiving mail, displaying message data (such as subject, date, size, etc) in a table, deleting messages, forwarding and replying to messages, downloading attachments, and uploading attachments. The POP Client sample is only available in C#. If you would like to see a VB.NET demonstration, check out the SMTP Client.

This sample is not available Online

However, it is included in the PowerTCP Mail for .NET installation.

This script could be easily modified and personalized to create your own web-based email client. Create a mail client for internal company use for employees to access their email from home or while on business trips. Add some graphics and create a professional mail client for your website.

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