Easily add comprehensive, secure FTP to any .NET application or service.

FTP for .NET Feature List


Easy to Use in Any Type of Project

  • Methods are simple blocking functions with little overhead
  • Streamlined for integration into non-UI projects such as web sites and services
  • Supports Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications 
  • Start and Marshal methods provide asynchronous use for applications with a UI
  • Perform simultaneous file transfers in multi-threaded applications
  • Progress event is used to monitor and display transfer rate and advancement
  • Log event is used to for logging and debugging
  • Compatible with Client Profile projects

Includes the Features You Expect

  • Upload and download files and directories
  • Create directories
  • Delete files and directories, including subfolders
  • ASCII and binary transfers
  • Passive and active transfers
  • Set site-specific options and parameters
  • Runs in .NET 2.0+ Frameworks
  • Compliant with RFC 959 plus many extension standards

Plus Much More

  • Parses listings into easy-to-use objects
  • Throttle property can be used to limit bandwidth used
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • Synchronize remote and local directories
  • Stream interface for direct access to the data connection
  • MODE Z On-the-fly ZLIB compression can be used to archive compressed files, or compatible servers can expand/compress files to minimize bandwidth used
  • IPv6 support, including "dual stack sockets" to help migrate to IPv6
  • Send custom commands
  • Abort transfers without losing the control connection
  • Transfer large (greater than 4 GB) files
  • Customize List parsing to recognize non-English months