Add file upload functionality to your ASP.NET app, including real-time progress and server-side streaming.

ProgressPanel Control

The ProgressPanel control provides configurable real time, interactive statistics on file upload operations within an ASP.NET page. This control becomes visible when a file upload is initiated and displays individual file progress bars, upload speed, bytes transferred and more. The ProgressPanel also optionally displays a cancel button that can be used to interrupt a file upload operation in progress. Features include:

  • Highly Customizable appearance and behavior
  • Automatic activation when an upload begins
  • Progress bar displays for each file in an an upload operation
  • Custom images, backgrounds and styles can be applied to ProgressPanel elements
  • Option to cancel an upload in progress
  • No postback required - fully AJAX enabled!
  • Simple drag and drop implementation
  • Full design-time support
  • Complete C#, and VB.NET samples included
  • Integrates with Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer
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