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Interactive File Upload Functionality for ASP.NET

File Upload for ASP.NET uses advanced Ajax techniques to transfer files from browser to web server, while minimizing the server memory footprint. Animated progress bars display for each uploaded file. Includes code examples in C# and VB.

  • Upload multiple files using a single upload dialog
  • Progress bars display for each file in an upload operation
  • Cancel button allows users to interrupt a file upload
  • Ajax uploads without Postbacks
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Compare Upload Control Features


Feature Microsoft PowerWEB
Supports HTTP upload standards /styles/images/icons/check.gif /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Supports AJAX Uploads without Postback - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Displays animated progress bars and statistics during file uploads - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Customizable look and feel including image buttons and backgrounds - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Supports multiple file uploads within a single dialog - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
Supports real time streaming of file data to one or more destinations during an upload - /styles/images/icons/check.gif
See "Why Buy PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET?" for an even more detailed comparison of product features.

Customizable Look and Feel

  • Image buttons or standard HTML buttons
  • Background colors, borders, and images
  • Fonts and styles, localized text
  • Upload without a "Browse" button

Low Server Overhead

  • Spool files directly to disk instead of server memory
  • Stream file data directly to any Stream interface
  • Customize temporary and final file destinations
  • Limit file upload sizes
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Easy to Use - Drag, Drop and Run

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • No form or web.config manipulation to get up and running
  • Samples projects included for C# and VB
  • Supports .NET Framework versions 2.0 and higher
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012