Add terminal emulation to any .NET application or service with VT and Telnet controls.

Vt .NET Control (Terminal Emulation)

Use the Vt control to integrate terminal emulation capabilities into your Windows application or enable your ASP.NET Web application to communicate with backend UNIX servers for screen scraping. Features include:

  • Includes support for VT320, VT220, VT100, VT52
  • Advanced screen scraping capability
  • Support for graphic characters
  • TrueType Font support
  • ClearType and Standard font smoothing support
  • Supports multinational byte encoding to display international character sets
  • Double-wide Unicode character support
  • Configurable scroll-back buffer
  • Superior printing capabilities
  • Built-in support for Key mapping
  • Unifying Telnet capability makes connectivity as easy as a few lines of code
  • Full support for encoded Unicode characters
  • C#, VB.NET and VC++ sample projects included
  • 64 bit OS support

Looking for the ActiveX version of this control?